The Complete Guide to 200+ HSP Tools & Resources


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The Complete Guide to 200+ HSP Tools & Resources is a no-fluff online resource to help Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) find solutions fast. 

Every entry includes up-to-date information (2023), a direct link, and a summary to help you learn more.

The guide is 95 pages long, a 5MB PDF document, and has 13 chapters/categories in total.

Here are the categories (unordered), with the number of HSP resources to expect:

  • HSP Podcasts (24)
  • HSP Blogs & Websites (22)
  • Free HSP Masterclasses (10)
  • HSP Communities (16)
  • Online HSP Courses (20)
  • HSP Books (40) - Includes books for sensitive children.
  • HSP Journals & Workbooks (11)
  • HSP Tests (11)
  • HSP Research (10 entries)
  • HSP FAQs (10 Frequently Asked Questions- Answered)
  • HSP Abbreviations (13)
  • HSP Newsletters (12)
  • HSP Experts (12)

May you find the right resources to help you leverage your HSP trait and finally thrive.


With love, Selipha.

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P.S: This guide is an extended and updated version of The 10 Things HSP Handbook. So if you bought the handbook, this update is yours for free. Just message me so I know you want it. (I thought of sending it directly, but then remembered I don't have your consent.) 

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The Complete Guide to 200+ HSP Tools & Resources